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Global West's new top of the line coilover system is available 67-70 Mustangs. The kit comes with

  • Tubular upper control armsTOP OF THE LINE.gif (2856 bytes)

  • Tubular lower control arms

  • Adjustable strut rods

  • Billet aluminum tower shock mountswpe8.jpg (15522 bytes)

  • Billet aluminum lower shock mounts

  • Afco performance shocks (available non-adjustable , single adjustable, or double adjustable)

  • Eibach Racing Springs

  • Billet aluminum shock mount covers (engine bay)

  • Thrust bearing kit under the springs for easier adjusting

  • New hardware.




wpeA.jpg (11414 bytes)The line drawing to the left represents our preliminary calculations before cad cam.

The line drawing shows a wheel rate change from conventional suspension to coilover. Notice the ratio change between a stock suspension to coilover. The .84 from .52 allows you to use a softer spring while maintaining a desired wheel rate. The new coilover shock location also provides better damping. Fine adjustments to the shock can be felt because of the reduced leverage.


Coilover Particulars
  • Global West offers 2 different coilover suspension systems. The first can be used for drag racing and street performance driving. The second system is used for road racing and / or performance street driving emphases handing. This kit has our negative roll system geometry.
  • Did you know that the Mustang suspension from 1964 though 1973 has overall 7 inches of travel. Our new coilover kit also maintains 7 inches of travel while our competitors only have 4.5 inches of travel
  • Our new coilover kit places the load in the shock tower from the bottom  just as the factory. Our competitors load the tower from the top.
  • No cutting of the shock tower is required.
  • Installation requires drilling a total of 6 holes for the drag / street version and 10 holes for negative roll / road racing system. Drill templates included.
  • Upper and lower control arms are fully assembled. Top of the line Del-a-lum bushings are used in the upper arms and spherical Teflon lined bearings are used in the lowers. Threaded stock type ball joints are used top and bottom.
  • Adjustable strut rods make caster adjustment simple. Our strut rods have a special billet clevis that indexes in the frame making it impossible for improper installation.
  • Eccentric locout kits eliminate the lower cam bolts. The cam bolts can slip during hard cornering altering your alignment. Our new locout kits offer 6 adjustments for camber rather then one.
  • Stock brakes whether drum or disc can be used. Racing brakes are also not a problem. Notice our category 5 disc brake system.
  • Coilover shocks are available three different ways non-adjustable, single adjustable, and double adjustable.
  • Adjustable ride height is a given. Note: A 1 inch drop with ride height puts the shock is in the middle of its travel. If you want to drop the car more than 2 inches, different upper mounts are available which bring back shock travel. Spanner wrench is also part of the package.
  • Billet upper mounting plates are standard in the engine compartment.
  • Billet aluminum upper mounts are standard.
  • Billet lower mounts feature slots to hold self locking nuts for easy installation. They also provide the ability to maximize an affective coilover shock angle.
  • Needle bearing kits are standard with our coilover kits. Needle bearings go between the lower adjuster  and the spring. Needle bearings to reduce drag when adjusting ride height.
  • Hardware is included along with instructions and alignment specifications.



wpe5.jpg (24399 bytes)Shown to the left is a negative roll coilover kit with
Global West 12.2 road racing category 5 disc brake kit.


More information to be added.

or Contact Global West.